Automated Timing Motor Test Stand

The Automated Timing Motor Test Stand was a complete test system for small
synchronous timing motors.

The unit included a fixture which accommadated the testing of two motors.

A motor was placed into the fixture, its power leads placed into two holes, then the
operator moved a clamp down lever toward the motor.

The lever was then actuated automatically via an air cylinder, to lock the motor
in place and begin the testing process.

The system first performed a high potential brakedown test on the unit.
Next the unit was powered and both speed and direction were sensed and calculated
within one(1) second.

This was difficult as some of the motors moved only an
arc second or so in the test time available.

The precision was achieved via gear sets and optical encoders.

At the same time an electronic brake exibited a mechanical load as part of the test parameters.

A large display and keypad provided for test results as well as the ablity to select test parameters
such as min max speed, direction, load etc.