Legacy Designs & Products

As an example of our Versitility, Experience and Know-how,
we have compiled a Sample Listing of a few of our legacy Designs and Products.


Photon Counting System
Pressure Control Differential
Product Processing System
Punch Press Metal Stock Feed Control
Punch Control/Timer

Registration System Dual Sheet
Registration System Stepper Motor
RF Controlled Amusement Vehicle Safety System
Robots Cartesian using Stepper Motors

Semi-Automated Soldering System
Sensor Spark Gap/GeneratorSerial Data Capture Device
Servo Motor Registration System
Shadow Measurement Sensor
Switch 60KW Solid State

Tension Control
Test Equipment for FPLA, FPLS
Touch Screen based Automation Controls
Transmitter FM Audio/Cassette Tape System

Vision & Laser Calibration System
Voltage to Frequency Converter


Auger Feed / Blend Control
Automated Assembly(workcell)
Automated Test System Keyboard/Display
Automated Timing Motor Test System

Corona Treater for Molded Plastics

Digital Dancer Unwind

Embedded P.C. Based Data Transfer System
Emergency Vehicle Warning System

Fail Safe Water Softener Valve Control
Flex Circuit insert for Magazine Ad

Hystereses Brake Demag/Decog Circuit

Infrared System for Motorized Video Screen
Infrared Gun / Target System (Amusement)
Infrared Soldering System

Laser CO2
Laser Auto Focus System

Laser Power Mode Controller

Leg Wrap Winder (cordless)

Microprocessor based P.C. Board and Wire Harness Test System
Microprocessor based four(4) Channel TENS System
MIDI Foot Pedal
Motor Drive D.C.