Automated Assembly Workcell

From concept to production, a machine was designed and built to automatically
make the medical tube assemblies shown here.

The Automated machine had the ability to make various configurations of the 
product which consisted of a precise length of poly tubing, coiled in a precise shape
and held in that shape by a number of extruded poly clips.

The operator first placed a tool into the machine(quick change... no tools)
which provided a channel for the tubing and slots for the clips. 

The machine automatically identified the tool and configured the machine for the type assembly. A roll of poly tubing was placed onto a tubing unwind servo feed mechanisum. This servo unit fed tubing through a rotating cutter and into the tool.
The tubing was fed a precise length, then cut by the rotary cutter. Once in the tool, the tool would rotate and position the clip slots below and 
escapement from the bowl feeder, and escape a clip into the tool.

The tool would then be compressed to snap the clip over the tubing.
Again the tool would rotate until all clips were placed and then the tool would open,
ejecting a complete assembly.

The user had only to keep a supply of poly clips in the bowl and tubing on the feeder.

This machine used a P.C. for all control and interfaced to the operator via a 
touchscreen in conjunction with audio commands such as 'Insert tool now'.