Voltage to Frequency Converter

The Voltage to Frequency Converter converts a -10vdc to +10vdc input signal
to a 0 to 5Khz  output.

Supply Voltage    115vac 60hz 1ph
Control Signal   (–10 vdc to +10vdc)

Outputs    0-5khz (factory set)
Signal Output PNP Open Emitter

Ambient temperature range   40deg. F to 120deg. F
Humidity                             0 to 95% non-condensating
Physical Size                        40mm wide x 74mm tall...... DIN rail mount
A.C. Power - current            < 0.125A ….14W…............. Internally protected
Frequency Output                 Square Wave
Span Adjustment             
    +/-15% of center value(5Khz)
                              +/-0.035% 10hz to 5Khz
Drift/Temp. Stability
            +/-0.06% of full scale/degree

Other variations available........consult factory for options and pricing